Web-Based Synchronization of NutriBase Data
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NutriBase 2016 supports the synchronization of your NutriBase data (food logs, recipes, meals, meal plans, personal food items, client information, etc.) across multiple computers. This allows you to access your most current data at any time no matter which of your computers you created or edited them on, no matter which computer you are using at the moment, no matter what time of day it is, and no matter where your computers are located.

When you make any change to any of your data files, these changes are immediately propagated across all of your computers. If one of your computers is turned off or lacks Internet access, it will be updated as soon as Internet access is restored. There is no longer a need to move individual NutriBase files (recipes, meal plans, etc.) from one of your computers to another. If you create a new recipe or meal plan while on the road, you won't have to transfer it to your work computer when you return it will already be there. You would have the same and the most current data on all of your computers. Your files would be synchronized.

Workgroup Synchronization. If you are one of several colleagues collaborating on a common NutriBase project, you'll be able to share the most up-to-date recipes, food logs, etc. without the need to check revision numbers or creation dates of your NutriBase data files. All members of the workgroup would be working with the same, up-to-date data. You would no longer need to email each other recipes, meal plans, or backup files. If members of your workgroup create a hundred new recipes, you don't have to do anything to share them with others in the workgroup - they would all appear to every member of the workgroup as they are created. Each member of this type of workgroup is required to have their own NutriBase license.

Set It and Forget It. NutriBase keeps your most up-to-date data files at your fingertips at all times across all your computers. You can now reliably collaborate with workgroups of a few to dozens or even hundreds of nutritionists, colleagues, trainers, chefs or friends. With NutriBase, your work will conveniently exist on all your computers and your workgroups can collaborate with set-it-and-forget-it ease.

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