Next Best Food To Eat
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Nutrition software should help you make nutritionally optimal food choices. It should analyze what you've eaten so far today, compare it to your vitamin and mineral goals, then tell you the next best food to eat (NBFTE). Taking this a step further, the software should rank all your food options from high-to-low and display them for you so that you can choose one that is acceptable to you.

Knowing the next best food to eat is a capability that has eluded our competitors. The NBFTE is the food that will move all your vitamin and mineral intakes closer to 100% of your daily goals better than any other food in the database. The NBFTE always exists. And so does the second next best food to eat next, the third next best food to eat, the 200th next best food to eat, and so on.

NutriBase has implemented the world's first NBFTE function. Here's how it works: First, you record foods into your Food Log to accumulate at least 15% of your calorie goal for the day. As soon record 15% of your daily calorie goal, you trigger the NBFTE function and the NBFTE Button appears on your screen. Click it to display a ranked listing of hundreds of foods you can select from. A second or two and several million on-the-fly calculations later, your NBFTE's are displayed. These millions of calculations push the best foods for the given situation to the top of the deck in the correct sequence.

The first food in this display is the next best food to eat. This food will increase your intake of all vitamins and minerals and bring your totals closer to all your nutrient goals more than any other food item in the list. The second food in this display is the second best food to eat. The 200th food in this display is the 200th best food to eat.

Your personalized listing of next best foods to eat are ranked for you from high-to-low. And you can choose to display only the foods from selected Food Categories if you like. This lets you view just the NBFTE's that happen to be cereals, or beverages, or fruit, or whatever you feel like eating. You won't always want to the very best next food to eat, but if you select a food from the top of the list, you'll be making an optimal food choice.

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