How to License your NutriBase Professional Edition Software
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NutriBase 2017 is a Windows application. Check our System Requirements page for details.

Before you install NutriBase, you should determine whether you want to use file synchronization with NutriBase. Please read our Introduction to Web-based Synchronization to get a primer on what this feature will do for you. Basically, your EULA allows you to install NB17 onto up to three computers for your own personal use. If you choose to use file synchronization, you will see the same data on of your computers - add a recipe on one computer and in a couple seconds, it will appear on all of your "synced" computers.

If you want to support files synchronization, go to the File Synchronization Topics on the On-Line Help page and read the appropriate topic for your situation.

After you add a Dropbox account to each computer you want to install NutriBase to, purchase and download your software. Run it and follow the instructions provided to install NutriBase. (Once you have installed Dropbox to the computers on which you want to use NutriBase, installation is very straightforward.)

If you do not want to use file synchronization, you can skip the step that has you install Dropbox to your computers. Then you purchase and run the NutriBase Setup program and follow the instructions. (the installation process is the same as if you were using file synchronization except that you skip the task of installing Dropbox on your computers first.

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