How to Install NB17 With or Without File Synchronization
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NutriBase 2016 can support web-based file synchronization. File synchronization allows you to work on the same files (recipes, food logs, clients, etc.) from any computer located anywhere on earth.

To install NutriBase to your Windows computer without using the web-based file synchronization feature, download the NutriBase setup file to your computer and run it. During the Setup process, accept the default values and locations for all options. After you finish, you are ready to use NutriBase. Please use the default folder locations even if you have no plan to use file synchronization with this copy of NutriBase.


To install NB17 to your Windows computers and take advantage of file synchronization, install the free Dropbox application to each of the computers to which you want to install NutriBase. (Your EULA permits you to install NutriBase to up to three computers for your own personal use.)

Install Dropbox to your computer(s) before you install NutriBase to any of these computers. To install Dropbox, visit and open a free dropbox account. Then install Dropbox to each of your computers. This is easy to do - just take your time and let Dropbox help you.

After you have installed Dropbox to each of your Windows computers, install NutriBase to each computer, one computer at a time. Accept the default values offered by NutriBase.

After you install NutriBase to the first computer, watch the Dropbox icon to make sure your files have fully synchronized. Dropbox will indicate this by displaying a green circle with a white checkmark in it. When you see this checkmark, it indicates to you that you are fully synchronized.

Do not run or use any copy of NutriBase while you are installing your copies of NutriBase. (Changing your data while you are in the middle of performing a full synchronization can muddle your data and cause you issues down the road.)

Install your second copy of NutriBase to your second computer. Wait until Dropbox indicates that the files are fully synchronized before moving on to the next computer (if there is another computer to which to install).

After your final installation, wait for full synchronization. After you are fully synchronized, create a test recipe and save it. Open your other copies of NutriBase and check to see if you see if you can see that new recipe on all your installations of NutriBase. If so, you are golden.

This topic updated 12/30/2015

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