How to Install and Use NutriBase With a Workgroup
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If you collaborate with a group of colleagues - and you trust the members of this workgroup - you can share your Sync Folder with the members of this group so that all of you can work with the same set of data (Food Logs, client information, Recipes, Meal Plans, etc.).

Each member of the workgroup must have their own NutriBase license. To do this, log onto your Dropbox account, select “Share,” and list the email addresses of the individuals you want to collaborate with. Each collaborator will need to install their own licensed copy of NutriBase to their computer(s). The NutriBase End User License Agreement grants each NutriBase customer up to three installations for their own personal use. Each different user, however, is required to have their own licensed copy of NutriBase.

It is more important than ever to keep your NutriBase data backup up by using the NutriBase Backup function. This is because if any member of your workgroup deletes all the files in their NutriBase Sync Folder, all the corresponding files in all the other synchronized computer would also disappear. This could be a huge concern if others were given access to your Sync Folders. Never save your NutriBase backup file in your Dropbox folder (where someone else could delete it).

Consider Using a Business Account. If you are collaborating with a workgroup, you may want to forgo the free account and sign up with a paid-for business account. There are several reasons for this. A business account normally permits you to allow multiple users with various access levels to share your Sync Folder. You can control who can delete files, edit files, or just view files. You can control access to particular folders and files. You can also track statistics about members of groups and see things like when they last logged in, how long they worked, etc.

Accountability. Business accounts enforce a higher degree of accountability than simply sharing a folder with associates. Business accounts normally require you to pay a fee of some sort but since you don’t need a lot of drive space to support NutriBase synchronization, you’ll likely be able to purchase the least expensive business plan offered. A business account will also provide you with additional space that can come in handy for facilitating other aspects of your business.

This topic updated 12/31/2015

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