The Reports Tab and the Reports you can Produce
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NutriBase reports are documents that provide details and information for a variety of things that NutriBase can do for you.

Reports are generally the finished product that you may give to a client. however, you can save them in various formats - PDF, Excel, CSV (Caret Separated Values), RTF (Rich Text format - a word processor format), and HTML (a web page format).

To create a report in NutriBase, click the “Reports” Tab, then click the button that represents the type of report you want to create.

To create a Recipe report, for example, you would click the “Reports” Tab, and then click the “Recipe” button. Then click the down arrow and scroll to select the type of report you want to create.

The “Reports” Tab is where you need to go to create most NutriBase reports. From here, you can:
1) Generate many types of reports. To create a Recipe report, click the “Recipe” button. To create a Meal Plan report, click the “Meal Plan” button, etc.
2) To generate a Client's Food Log report, go to the click the “Client” button.
3) Every type of report provides you with a variety of options. This image shows the report options available to you for your Recipe Reports. (These options change as you select different types of Recipe Reports… this particular example shows your options for a Comprehensive Recipe Report.) You click the down-arrow to display your report type... click the report that you want to have NutriBase generate.
4) After you select the type of report, you have options (selecting nutrients, days, decimal places, etc.). These options vary, depending on the type of report you select.
5) After you generate a report, you can save it to a file. Depending on the report, you can save them in PDF, RTF (a generic word processor format you can open with MS Word), XLS (Excel format), and CSV (Comma Separated Values) formats.
6) You can email these reports on the spot to any client you want to send the report to... NutriBase features an integrated emailer.

We highly recommend that when you are learning to use NutriBase, you create a few Recipes, Meals, and Food Logs, then create one of every possible type of report. Study each report. Click the right-arrow at the top of each report to move from page-to-page of each report... only the first page of the report is displayed initially. Going through this process once will show you the wide range of reports you have at your disposal. Later, when you have a need for a special type of report, you will likely remember if it is one that we support.

The following is an image of the Report Tab window. The Recipes button happens to be selected in this example, but you can also generate Client (including Food Log Reports), Exercise, PFI, Meal and Meal Plan Reports as desired.

The following are listings of the types of reports you can produce in the Reports Tab of NutriBase.

When you generate a report, be sure to click the Right Arrow icon at the top of the window to step through the pages of the report

Take a look at the icons at the top of your report window. There are several options you should be aware of. You can email this report. Or print it. Or Save it. Or step though the pages. Or zoom in or out.

The NutriBase reports are organized by the type of report:

Client Reports:
Comprehensive Report
Comprehensive Summary Report
Food Log Report
Food Log Summary Report
Food Log Spreadsheet, Single Day (Excel, CSV, RTF)
Food Log Spreadsheet w/Goals, Single Day (Excel, CSV, RTF
Food Log Spreadsheet w/Goals & Exercise, Single Day (Excel, CS)V, RTF)
Food Log Query Report
Calories In vs. Calories Out
Food Log Composition Analysis
Food Log Ratio Report
Percent of Goals Report
Weekly Food Journal - Calendar View
Weekly Food Journal - Spreadsheet View (Excel, CSV, RTF)
Calorie Expenditures Report
Exercise Report
Exercise Summary Report
Diabetic Report
Diabetic Summary Report
Detailed Client Report
Daily Notes
Nutrient Density Index Spreadsheet

Exercise Reports:
List of Exercises
List of Workouts
Exercise Detail Report
Workout Detail Report
Target Heart Rate Training Zone Report

Personal Food Item (PFI) Reports:
PFI Listing Report
PFI Detail Report
PFI Macro Report (RTF HTML)
PFI cost Report
PFI Spreadsheet Report (Excel, CSV)

Recipe Reports:
Recipe Listing
Simple Recipe Report
Detailed Recipe Report
Comprehensive Recipe Report
Composition Report
Recipe Macro Report (RTF, HTML)
Recipe Cost Report
Recipe Report (Excel, CSV)
Recipe Spreadsheet Report (Excel CSV)
Cookbook Report

Meal Reports:
Meal Listing
Simple Meal Report
Detailed Meal Report
Comprehensive Meal Report
Composition Report
Meal Macro Report (RTF, HTML)
Meal Cost Report
Meal Spreadsheet Report (Excel CSV)

Meal Reports:
Meal Plan Report
Comprehensive Meal Plan Report (w/Recipe and Meals)
Meal Plan Summary Report
Meal Plan Criteria Report
Weekly Summary - Calendar View
Weekly Summary - Spreadsheet View (Excel, CSV, RTF)
Meal Plan Report w/Meal Item Breakdown
Meal Plan Spreadsheet, Single Day (Excel, CSV, RTV)
Meal Plan Spreadsheet, Total Plan (Excel, CSV, RTV)

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