How to Add and Edit Your Under/over Comments (Pro and Higher)
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Whenever you create a report that contains a POG (Percent of Goals) Report, you have the option to include Under/Over comments.

“Under comments” appear when the client eats less than her goal of a particular nutrient. Over comments” appear when the client eats too much of a potentially toxic nutrient. You can control many facets of these comments, including when they appear, what they say, and which ones you want to display.

Suppose you don’t like the existing default “Over comment” for vitamin C. You can edit this comment (or any other “Over” or “Under” comment).

To edit the Vitamin-C “Over comment,” click the “Reports” Tab. Click the “Client” button. Click the down arrow and select a “Percent of Goals” report.

Click the Under/Over “Setup” button in your Report window, then click the “Create/Edit files” button to open your “Under/Over Percent of Goal Setup” window.

Scroll down to see the “Vit-C (mg)” entry. The checkmark on the left tells you that this comment is active. Notice further that the “Trigger” points are set at 80% of the client’s goal and 120% of the clients goal for the “Under” and “Over” comments, respectively. That it, when the person’s intake for the day is less than 80% of her goal for the day, this comment will appear in her POG report. And if she consumed more than 120% of her goal for this goal, the “Over” comment would be inserted into her POG report for this nutrient. You can set these “trigger points” as desired.

Since, in this example, you want to Edit your “Over” comment for Vitamin-C, click the “Create/Edit Files” button.

Click the down arrow in the resulting window to select O-vitC.txt, then click the “Edit” button. Edit as desired. When you are finished, click the “X” in the upper right corner to close the edit box. NutriBase will ask you if you want to save this change. Say “Yes.”

This edited text file will be inserted into your future reports when you check this nutrient in the setup window. This window will also allow you to create new comments for other nutrients or delete existing ones.

Henceforth, NutriBase will display your edited copy of this particular “over” comment. You can edit all your “Under comments” in a similar manner.


  1. If you are proficient with a text editor and can navigate your hard drive, you can use a text editor to edit these files. These “Under” and “Over” text files are located in your ProgramData/nutribase/underover folder.
  2. All “Over” text files begin with the letter “O” followed by a hyphen and the nutrient’s name. All “Under” text files begin with the letter “U” followed by a hyphen and the nutrient’s name. We recommend you follow this convention when you add new nutrient “Under” and “Over comments to NutriBase.
  3. To create a new Over or Under comment, click the New button.
  4. To delete an existing Over or Under comment, check the boxes next to the comments you want to delete, then click the Delete button.

This topic updated 06/24/2015

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