How to Use the Recipe Organizer
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To get to your Recipe Organizer, click your Recipes Tab, then click the Organizer button. You use the Organizer window to organize your Recipes, organize your folders, set up your Recipe criteria, and to create Recipes.

Clicking the Organizer brings you something similar to the image below. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the various annotated features. This window allows you to organize your Recipes into “Tabs.” You could, for instance, organize your food items that happen to be cookies all together into a single Tab called “Cookies” or your frozen desserts in another Tab called “Frozen Treats,” etc. Food items will self-alphabetize into these Tabs.

Note: With the Organizer button, you work with one Folder (and multiple Tabs) at a time. With the Folder button option, you work with multiple Folders at once.

This topic updated 07/12/2015

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