How to Edit an NB Recipe
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When you run NutriBase, you will see that we have included several hundred Recipes for you. We call them "NB Recipes" They are listed in 11 Recipe Folders. You can access them by clicking the "Recipes” tab, then clicking the “NB Recipes” button. Click the Recipe” Folder” tabs to view the Recipes within each folder.

If you'd like to edit an existing NB Recipe, it’s a good idea to first save a copy of it to one of your own Recipe Folders (like the default “General” folder), then edit the saved copy of the original Recipe. Doing this will keep all your NB Recipes in their original state.

To save a copy of an NB Recipe, highlight it, right click, then select the "Save as" option. Edit the food name it suggests to you or give it a totally different name as desired. Click the “Okay” button.

Once you have saved the copy of your Recipe, you may open it and edit it by adding ingredients, deleting ingredients, or changing serving amounts.

This topic updated 06/24/2015

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