How to Use the PFI Folder
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NutriBase supports up to 26 Folders for your Personal Food Items (PFI's). Personal Food Items (PFI's) are food items that you have added to NutriBase (by key-stroking in the nutrient data) and/or foods you have located in the nutrient database that you had NutriBase convert into PFI's for you.

Note: We recommend you organize your PFI’s into multiple Folders. By doing so, you benefit with quicker access to your PFI’s, better organization of these Personal Foods, and faster performance.

Don't forget to check your right click options. In NutriBase, you access nearly all software functions via the right click. This approach saves screen space and unclutters the interface... it also makes it easy to quickly view, understand, and implement your options. right mouse click over the window to display your options.

This topic updated 07/27/2015

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