Quick Access Toolbar Option
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Click the NutriBase Menu Icon located in the upper left corner of your NutriBase window.

Next, click the “Options” button at the bottom of the resulting window to access and view the NutriBase Options. Doing so takes you to the NutriBase Options window. You will see several choices, including Backup, Restore, Client Import and a button labeled: “Options.”

Clicking this “Options” button will take you to a window that offers additional choices, including: General options, Email Setup, Automatic Backup, Quick Access Toolbar, File Locations, and Resources.

Quick Access Toolbar

This option provides a method for customizing your Quick Access Toolbar. After you learn which functions you use the most, take a moment to review this option to make sure that you include shortcuts to these functions.

This is a view of your Quick Access Toolbar. You can add up to 15 tools in this bar. These tools serve as shortcuts to features you use frequently. In this example, the "Profile" option is highlighted. Clicking this takes you to the Profile option of the Client window.

This topic updated 06/24/2015

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