How to Use the Meal Organizer button
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Clicking the Organizer button brings you something similar to the image below:

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the various annotated features. This window allows you to organize your “Meals.” NutriBase Meals are collections of foods that represent a Meal or snack. They can include items from the nutrient database, PFI's, and Recipes.

You can organize your Meals into “Folders.” You can have up to 26 Folders. Within each Folder, you can organize Meals into as many tabs as you wish. When you are in the “Meals” Tab, look to the very top of your NutriBase window to see which Meal is currently active. In this example, OatMeal, toast, and coffee breakfast, is the active Meal and it resides in a Folder called “Vegetarian Breakfast.” (“General” is the original default folder for Meals in NutriBase.)

The “Vegetarian” Folder was created by a user. (When you first start using NutriBase, there is only one Meal Folder called “General.”) The “Vegetarian Breakfast” Folder is currently active. If you want to organize a different Meal Folder, click the down arrow and select the Meal Folder you want to organize.

In NutriBase, you access nearly all software functions via the right click. This approach saves screen space and unclutters the interface... it also makes it easy to quickly view, understand, and implement your options. Take a moment to point at the various sections of the window shown above and right click to list your options… this is a very good way to learn what you can do where. Try this in all the NutriBase windows that you visit.

This topic updated 07/26/2015

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