What is a NutriBase Meal?
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A NutriBase Meal is a combination of food items from the nutrient database, Personal Food Items (PFI's) and Recipes.

Meals are saved into one of three Meal and three snacks a day.

Suppose you wanted to create a Meal Plan for some special need. A NutriBase Meal Plan is a collection of up to three Meals and three snacks for up to four weeks.

You could create a set of Recipes that address this special need. You could combine these Recipes with database food items and PFI's to create Meals. Then you could use these Meals as the building blocks for your Meal Plans.

This is the Meal window of the Meals Tab:

As explained, a NutriBase Meal is a combination of food items that represent a single Meal or snack. Here are the things you can do from this window:

1) Create a Meal by combining Recipes, database items, and/or personal foods you have added to NutriBase.
2) Edit the Meal, add its ingredients to your shopping list, calculate its cost, or print it out.
3) Generate a Nutrition Facts Label for your Meal.
4) Copy your Meal to your Food Log (or anyone else's).
5) Copy your Meal into a NutriBase Meal Plan (which is a collection of three Meals and three snacks a day for four weeks).

In NutriBase, you access nearly all software functions via the right click. This approach saves screen space and unclutters the interface... it also makes it easy to quickly view, understand, and implement your options. Take a moment to point at the various sections of the window shown above and right click to list your options… this is a very good way to learn what you can do where. Try this in all the NutriBase windows that you visit.

This topic updated 07/26/2015

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