How to Check to See if All Food Items Have Been Assigned to a Meal
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When you create a Report (by clicking the “Reports” Tab and selecting the type of report you want to create), you will want the Food Log items listed in all your Meals and Snacks to equal the tally of foods in your “All Foods” Tab. This will only happen if you have assigned all the foods in your All Food Tab to Meals and Snacks.

It’s easy to check to see if all foods have been assigned to a Meal or Snack: Click the “All Foods” Tab (in the “Food Log” Tab), right click, then select the Copy item to “Meals” Tabs” option. This will only list the food items that have not already been assigned to a Meal or Snack.

There is another way to check to see if your food items have been assigned to a Meal or Snack. Just look at your Food Log display. The food items that have not been assigned show a “?” to indicate this:

Right click over this display and notice you can select the columns of data you want to have displayed. (The Food ID column is turned on or off by clicking the NutriBase Menu Button in the upper left corner of NutriBase and then clicking the “Options” Button.)

This topic updated 07/26/2015

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