How to Change a Serving Size for a Food You Add to a Food Log, Recipe, Meal, or Meal Plan
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When you add a food item to a Food Log Recipe, Meal, or Meal Plan, you will see a window similar to the Add to food log window shown here:

Option One: The default to add a food item to a Food Log is shown… you specify the amount and the units – in this case, 1 cup. You have the option to assign it to a meal or snack (or to do it later). This is the standard way of specifying serving sizes. It is the NutriBase default option.

Option Two: The second option you can select is to specify your serving amount in calories. This second option is designed to help you create snacks at specific calorie levels. This is handy if you are trying to lower your body weight and you are carefully monitoring your calorie intake. We refer to this as the “make it and take option.”

Suppose you wanted to create pre-measured snacks at a particular calorie level – say, at 200 calories per snack. The conventional method for doing this would involve setting up a ratio and using a bit of algebra. Most RD’s are very capable of doing this, but it’s time consuming, it’s a hassle, and you have to repeat this entire process with every new food. And if you want to create a mixture – say, a combination of two ingredients that total 200 calories, that’s an even more involved and time consuming process. With NutriBase, it’s easy to perform this task. The food serving size will be specified in grams. This method works well if you use an accurate digital scale.

Note: To learn how to use this second serving size option, please read the topic titled “How to Create Servings Sizes Measured in Calories” in the “How To…” section of this manual. (Use your Table of Contents.)

This topic updated 07/26/2015

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