Why No Hard Copy user's Manual?
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1) We've transferred everything in the hard copy user's Manual onto our On-Line Help page. There is nothing in the user's Manual that isn't already provided in our On-Line Help section which is organized for efficient access.

2) The on-line information is more up-to-date than hard copy manuals. We update it and add new topics over time.

3) The on-line Help Topics are easily accessed anytime 24/7 no matter where your hard copy manual may be.

4) If you have a question that you don't believe is answered in our On-Line Help, you can email us and ask your question. We will do our best to help you. If we believe this question would help other NutriBase users, we'll post it as a new topic in our On-Line Help.

5) It hard copy user's Manual would cost you money. And it takes a a few days to arrive. The On-Line Help is ready for immediate use and you can download the software immediately after you submit your order. You can download and install NutriBase immediately and begin learning how to use it immediately.

6) The hard copy user's Manual weighs a pound and it costs you additional money to have it shipped to you.Since our On-Line Help makes the user's Manual redundant and obsolete, you can save a few bucks and use the more up-to-date on-line information.

This topic updated 12/30/2015

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