How to use the Notes & List
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This option allows you to access a Daily Planner, your Shopping List, and your Notes.

Planner and To Do List - Use this window to plan your time and to manage your To Do List. Right click over this window to view your options. Click the Options button to view your various options for both the Planner and the To Do List. Play in this window a bit and you will discover all of its capabilities.

Shopping List - We included a separate Help Topic for the Shopping List. Please see your Help Topics to locate help for your shopping list.

to get to the Notes & Lists option click the down arrow to the right of the Notes button:

Notes - You have three options for notes: General, Client General, and Client Day Specific Notes. General notes apply to anything you want to records notes for. Client General are general notes for specific clients. And Client Day Specific Notes pertain a particular day for a particular client. When you enter any of these note options, you will see your various options at the top of each window. Check them out.

This topic updated 06/30/2015

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