How to Enter Client Info (Measurements, Body Chemistry, Personal, etc.) into NutriBase
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To enter client information like body or clothing measurements, blood work or urinalysis data, or miscellaneous data (like cigarettes smoked, bowel movements, etc.), click the Tracker Tab, then the Log button.

Click the "+" icons to expend these sections. You can log in measurements (biceps, dress size, etc.), Body Chemistry (cholesterol, glucose, etc.), and miscellaneous factors. You can also add new items to track.

Notice that as you add data, you begin to graph your progress for that tracker item. Right click to print or to save to a file. In this example, note that Water Consumed is selected and the graph at the bottom of the window graphs water consumed over time.

Click the Info button to add a variety of personal information.

Click the appropriate button and enter your data.

This topic updated 06/30/2015

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