How To View And Print Information Topics
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“Information Topics” are PDF Topics you can view and/or print for yourself or for your clients.

To view these documents, click the Home Tab then click the Information button. Click the left-hand drop-down menu to select a major category of information and click the right-hand drop-down menu to select a specific PDF to view and/or print.

The information above is all you need to view and/or print the approximately 200 information topics included in NutriBase.

When you click on an Information Topic, you are clicking on a link file that locates the desired PDF file on the NutriBase website. This saves you hard drive space and makes the NutriBase Setup Program smaller (and therefore faster to download).

The following explains how these information topics files are organized and displayed. This information is useful if you plan to add your own PDF topics for use in NutriBase.

These PDF files and/or link files are organized into Folders on your hard drive.

Click on the Home tab, the Information button, and then click the down arrow of the left-hand drop-down menu:

The menu above shows the names of all the Folders that NutriBase installed for you during Setup. These Folder names appear as the names of the menu items listed in the left-hand drop-down menu. They are automatically sorted alphabetically for you. When you select a category of information files (that is, when you click on a Folder name), the files in that Folder are loaded into the menu on the right.

Click the down arrow on the right-hand drop-down menu:

The information topics are listed for you alphabetically. These menu items are actually the names of the PDF (on link) files that reside in the Folder you selected in the left-hand drop-down menu.

NutriBase provides a number of PDF documents - related to nutrition and health - that you can view and/or print as value-added handouts for your clients.

This topic updated 02/03/2016

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