How To Upgrade Your Copy of NutriBase
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“Upgrades” are not the same as “updates.” You are entitled to all the updates for the version that you purchased.

All updates we release for the version you purchased are free. If you purchased NB17, the updates would be numbered "17.0," "17.1," "17.2," etc.

Upgrades are major new releases. The base number of a major new release is incremented. The current version is "NutriBase 2017" or "NB17" for short. The version number will be formatted as: v.17.x. The previous major release was NB16.

To upgrade to a latest version, you need to be a registered user of NB10, NB11, or NB16.

For details regarding our update/upgrade policy, visit our Update/Upgrade Policy page.

If you want to upgrade to the NE16 Cloud Edition from the NB9, NB10, or NB11 Pro Editions, visit our Upgrade Order Form

If your are a registered user of an older NutriBase Junior, Personal, or Personal Plus Editions, your upgrade would be to NB17 Plus Edition.

If you are a registered user of NutriBase Professional, you may upgrade to the NB17 Professional Edition.

This topic updated 02/29/2016

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