How to Conduct a Meal Search
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A "Meal" is collection of database food items, Recipes, and Personal Food Items assembled into a collection we call a "Meal." Meals are organized into three Meals and three snacks Tabs. A Meal can be used as a building block for a "Meal Plan." A NutriBase Meal Plan is a collection of up to three Meals and three snacks a day for up to four weeks. Dietitians often call our Meal Plans "Cycle Menus." (We don't use the term "menu" because it means way too many things to be specific for our uses.

Click the Meal option. Select a type of search you wish to conduct. (You can choose from eight different types of searches.) Enter a name to search. Click the magnifier icon to conduct your search.

As in other types of searches, you have options. Click the down arrow next to the Search Type menu to see your other options.

You will gain mastery of your search options by playing with them. Use them logically to get what you want. It would take an inordinate number of topics to demonstrate every possible thing you can do with NutriBase searches.

This topic updated 06/24/2015

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