What Can you do in the Exercise Window?
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The Exercise window is designed to help you: setup exercises (add exercises, move them into the infrequent exercise list, etc.), create workouts (combinations of activities and exercises), record your daily exercise, auto record a list of activities and exercises you perform every day, and keep logs of your exercise habits and routines.

Click the Exercise button to organize your activities and exercises and to add new exercises when necessary.

Click the sub-tabs to view your Frequent Exercises, Target Heart Rate Zone (THRZ) Exercises, Monitored exercises, and Infrequent Exercises.

Workouts are lists for activities that you can group together. They can speed up the recording of your exercises by recording several activities at once. Once you have your workout the way you want it, click the Save option to save in the Workouts section of this (and other) windows.

Note: NutriBase allows you to view, print, edit, and create workout routines (and many other types of documents) in the Information window of your home page.

Daily Exercise
Use this window to record your activities and exercises. Drag and drop exercises or double click to add them to your list for the day. You can double click to edit the duration and intensity.

Auto Record Exercise
Right click any of the exercises in your daily exercise list (on the right side of the window) and click the “Auto record exercise” option to add the selected exercise to your Auto Record list - a list of exercises that will automatically be recorded for the active client on the days that you specify in your Auto Record list (which you access by clicking the Auto Record Tab).

When you edit the intensity, you can move the slider provided. Each increment is plus or minus 10% of the normal calculation.

Your Auto Record List is a list of exercises that will automatically be recorded for your active client on the days that you specify in your Auto Record list (which you view by clicking the Auto Record Tab).

This option allows you to make a more detailed record of your workout. NutriBase comes with “sub-tabs” for Weight Training, Cycling, Running/Walking, Swimming, Rowing, or Custom. Use the “Custom” Tab to create a new template for any sport.
Customize the logs. Print them. Export them to XLS (Excel format), RTF (a generic word processor format that MS Word can open), or CSV (Caret Separated Value format).

These logs can track weight training, a running regimen, or a custom log that you can create for a specific need. You can create any number of weight training or running program templates, print them out, and give them to your clients.

This topic updated 07/26/2015

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