How to Import NutriBase Client Data from a Personal Edition
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If you are using NutriBase Professional or higher edition, you may want to import your client's data from time to time. This would happen if your customer has been using a copy of one of the NutriBase Personal Editions (Junior, Personal, or Personal Plus). Whenever desired, you can ask your client to export their Client Data to a file and email it to you.

The ability to import client data from a personal edition of NutriBase allows users of the Professional NutriBase and higher editions to transfer their clients’ data files in (“import”) to their copy of NutriBase. This type of import is supported only in the NutriBase Professional and higher. This information is contained in a file that may have been emailed to you (as an email attachment) or given to you on some sort of media - like a USB Drive.

You will recognize the client information file because it will end with the “n11cim” extension. The user specifies the file name… a good choice for the file name would be their actual name.

1) If you get this data as an attachment to your email, you can double-click on the attached file. NutriBase will process this file and import the data into your Professional or higher edition for you.

2) If they provide you a file on say, a USB Drive, just view their file and double-click on the file they sent to you. You will recognize this file because it will have the file name that they assigned to it and a file extension of “n11cim”.A good choice for the file name might be the client’s actual name.

3) To import a client's data while you are in NutriBase, click the NutriBase Menu Icon and click the “Client Import” Button. Point to the file – it will have the file name that your client gave it plus a file extension of “n11cim.”

This topic updated 07/28/2015

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