How to Export NutriBase Data From a Personal Edition
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Users of the NutriBase Personal Editions (NutriBase Junior, Personal, and Personal Plus Editions) can export all of their data (client data, food logs, recipes, meals, meal plans) to a file. This allows the personal user to take their NutriBase records and transfer it from their personal copy of NutriBase to a data file that can be later be transferred into a copy of NutriBase Professional (or higher edition).

Taking data from NutriBase and putting it into a file is called Exporting the data.

Taking the data from a file that was exported by NutriBase and recreating it in another copy of NutriBase is called Importing the data.

Dietitians use this ability to keep track of their clients who track their food logs and follow meal plans using any of the Personal Editions of NutriBase.

Users can obtain one of these personal editions of NutriBase by visiting and ordering a copy on-line.

Personal Edition users can export their Client Data client profiles, recipes, food logs, etc.) by clicking their Export tab – it’s the last Tab across the top of the NutriBase window - then clicking the appropriate dates and options. The file that will be created will have the name specified for that file and a file extension of “n11cim.”

Note: This Export tab exists in the Personal versions of NutriBase, but it does not exist in the Professional versions.

You can email the resulting file by clicking the Export & Email option.

Once you have selected the recipes you want to export, right mouse click and click the “Export selected” option. This will create a file that uses the file name that you provide plus the “n11im” extension.

This topic updated 07/28/2015

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