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“NutriBase” is a trademark of CyberSoft, Incorporated. Phoenix, Arizona. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. The revision date is printed on the previous page. To download the PDF version of the most current user's Manual, visit, click the Navigation Bar in the lower left corner of every page option and select the “Download User’s Manual” option.

The nutritional contents of many brand name foods change regularly and often. Food makers change Recipes, menus and vendors. Products are discontinued. Hundreds of new foods are introduced monthly. Restaurants concede variations in their foods from region-to-region and from store-to-store. Food makers are constantly improving products by lowering Fat, Cholesterol, and/or Sodium. The result is that for many products, the nutritional information changes almost as often as new food labels are printed.

Although considerable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the data contained in this product, we cannot guarantee that the information is 100% error-free. The data presented here are guidelines - not gospel. If you wish to obtain information on a new product that hasn't yet been included in the data, simply call the appropriate food maker. You may add as many new food items to NutriBase as you wish by using the Personal Food Item function.

NutriBase includes a few Recipes and Meal Plans. While the descriptions may imply that these Meal Plans are “for” a particular purpose (renal, heart, diabetes, etc.), CyberSoft assumes no responsibility for determining that any particular Recipe or Meal Plan is appropriate for any particular client, patient, or user. Recipes and Meal Plans are provided “as is” for your convenience and are intended to serve as starting points for a nutrition professional to edit and modify as necessary to meet the particular needs of particular clients, patients, or users.

CyberSoft maintains this nutritional database with a staff dedicated solely to this task. This data represents over 62,000 hours of collection, assembly, and proofreading. If you suspect an error or omission, we welcome your inputs. We will confirm and correct any problems and update the database.

Please address correspondence regarding corrections and/or suggestions to: CyberSoft, Inc., 2016 E. Muirwood Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85048, call us at 877-223-5459 (8-3, Mon-Thu, Arizona time), FAX us at 480-704-4116, email us at support@, or visit our web site at CyberSoft Inc. assumes no liability arising out of the application or use of the data.

The NutriBase Nutrient Database represents copyrighted materials and intellectual property belonging to CyberSoft, Inc. All rights are reserved. If you are interested in reprinting our nutrient data for any purpose, you must contact CyberSoft, Inc. at and request a written authorization to use the nutrient data.

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