How do You Use the Info Window?
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Use this Console INFO window to get a summary of all the information available for a particular client. You can email or message the selected client from the Info Tab.

The advantage of emailing or messaging your client from the Info Window is that you can view your client's information as you craft your message.

Clicking the Email Button opens the email window for you.

Clicking the Message Button opens your message window as shown below:

Click the Concerns button to type in this particular client's concerns (these concerns are referred to as "topics of interest" in the Service Agreement. Whenever you want to email this client a link to a PDF article, take a look that their concerns and make sure you are sending them an article that will be of interest to them.

You can change clients by using the drop-down menu at the top left of this window.

Notice that everything you need to know about this client is displayed for you. This is a good place to send a message or email from.

This topic updated 12/22/2016

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