How do You Use the Concerns Window?
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The CONCERNS window is the section of the NutriBase Client Console that lists the clients and ranks them from high-to-low based on the number of times they have missed logging in their foods and the number of days they have exceeded their Daily Calorie Allotment (DCA). These two factors give you a very good idea of which clients need your assistance most urgently. This assistance can take the form of a message from you or and email from you via Console. Or it could be a phone call. An email has the advantage of being able to include links to a pertinent nutrition health topic for them to read.

When you have handled a client by responding in some manner, you can make sure that the checkbox in the "Handled" Column is marked. You can toggle this checkbox on or off - it is there strictly for your convenience so you know who you have "handled" so far today. (You will likely come to appreciate this feature when you are responsible for the progress of a few hundred clients.)

The Count column indicated the number of times the client missed logging in foods in the past week. The higher this count, the more the client is straying from protocol... and therefore could use some encouragement from you by message, email, or by phone.

The Over DCA table indicates the number of times a client has exceeded their Daily Calorie Allotment in the past week. The higher the number of days the client went over, the more urgent it is for you to help the client get "with the program." Encouragement from you by message, email, or by phone works wonders.

Double-clicking on a client's name in this window take you to the Info window and display the information for this client.

This topic updated 12/22/2016

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