NutriBase Supports Features for People with Diabetes
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If you are diabetic, you know that controlling blood glucose through diet can be a complicated affair. It is considerably more complicated than just counting carbohydrates. NutriBase helps simplify controlling your blood glucose levels by helping you see the relationships and ratios between various nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Keeping carbohydrates in balance with protein and fat (the "PCF ratio") is a major first step in controlling blood glucose. NutriBase provides this data for you. In additional, seeing how exercise and low glycemic carbohydrates relate to your blood glucose over time helps you understand these relationships. NutriBase helps you track and graph this important data and presents it in a visual form that makes it easier to visualize and understand.

The more you understand about nutrition and - even more importantly - how your body reacts to the foods you eat, the better able you are to control your blood glucose. NutriBase tracks and graphs your blood glucose along with your exercise calories and actual carbohydrates (and/or other nutrients). This gives you the feedback you need to optimize your eating patterns and control your condition effectively.

Meals with Meds. With NutriBase, you can record the brand name, type, and dosage of the medication(s) you take with a meal. After you eat the meal and measure your BG levels afterwards, you can open the recipe and tweak your medication information so that you may get better results the next time you eat this combination of foods and medicine. Over time, you are able to "dial in" your meds and build a library of meals that you can go to when you need to eat without doing a lot of pre-planning. This simple feature can help you take charge of your disease and manage it more effectively.

It is a well-know fact that regular exercise can also help you control your blood glucose. NutriBase helps you track and graph the calories you expend in a very wide range of exercise over time.

Toma Grubb - a type 2 diabetic and author of "Toma's Diabetic Diet - a Layman's Guide to Controlling Blood Glucose with Diet" - tells how he uses NutriBase software to get his blood glucose controlled so well that he is maintaining sub 6% A1C - without the need for medications. He discusses his near death experience and his techniques on his web site at

Track and graph your blood glucose along with your exercise calories and actual carbohydrates.

NutriBase helps you maintain a Diabetic Food Log to track your medications, note times for diabetic-related events, graph your blood glucose and the carbohydrates for each meal, and take a keep notes related to your experience.

NutriBase let's you track your PCF Ratio - your percentage of calories from Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat. NutriBase coined the PCF Ratio and pioneered its use over a decade ago. Other software packages now copy this feature. By setting a targe PCF ratio and then tracking to get your nutrition to attain your goal percentages, you assure yourself a more balanced nutrient intake. Mr. Grubb recommends a PCF Ratio of 20-50-30.

NutriBase also allows you to track your intake of cholesterol, fiber, trans fats, sugar, and Omega Fatty Acids.

Virtually all diabetic educators, dietitians, and medical professionals recommend you maintain a Food Log. NutriBase supports the creation of electronic Food Logs and makes them more meaningful by also tracking the other important data that gives a bigger picture of what is happening. You can also see your food intakes pictorially as graphs.

NutriBase will help you generate detailed diabetic reports that itemize and summarize the activities and readings that relate to your diabetic condition. NutriBase supports the generation and printing of reports to share with your doctor, diabetic educator, or dietitian. These reports are highly customizable to suit your particular requirements. For example, these graphs can display any number of nutrients, this simple example displays carbohydrates. As a user, you could choose to include protein, carbohydrates, fats and sugars - or any other combination of nutrients supported by the edition of NutriBase you are using.

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