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A Calorie Restriction "CR" Diet is one in which people eat fewer calories while maintaining - and often improving - their nutrition and their health. The CR Diet is not a weight-loss program although losing some weight is usually a natural consequence. The goal of Calorie Restriction is to obtain optimal nutrition from the fewest calories. By maximizing the "nutrient density" (nutrients per calorie) of their food intake, calorie restrictors enjoy a healthier life, and anticipate a longer one as well. Several studies indicate that the CRON (Calorie Restriction – Optimal Nutrition) lifestyle can achieve both of these goals.

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The CR Society named NutriBase the Official Dietary Monitoring Software for the "Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition Effects Pilot Study." Leading scientists, specializing in calorie restriction, have chosen NutriBase as the official dietary monitoring software for the study to help unlock the secrets of lengthening vigorous life span through CRON (Calorie Restriction - Optimal Nutrition).

According to Paul McGlothin, Vice President for Research of the CR Society International, "Research involving nutrition requires the most precise dietary tracking software available. This made NutriBase software the natural choice for the CRON Effects Pilot Study."

Richard S. Lord, Ph.D., Director of Science and Education at MetaMetrix Clinical Laboratory and Testing Co-Coordinator for the Study, says "The nice thing about NutriBase is that although it's robust and flexible enough for dietitians' and nutritionists' professional use, it is also designed for individual use, which makes it a logical choice for this study. It's a powerful tool."

When Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill, past chairmen of the board of the CR Society, launched their book, The CR Way: The Definitive Guide to Living the CR Way Lifestyle their intention was to make it easy for people to follow CR with a this new, human-centered, holistic approach to low-calorie living. So they turned to Ed Prestwood of NutriBase to develop CR Way software to help people gain the life-transforming benefits of the CR Way. “We offer the NutriBase CR Way Edition software as part of the CR Way of life, so people can gauge their results and achieve their goals.” says Meredith Averill.

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The software comes loaded with delicious recipes, recommended personal “foods to choose,” benchmarks to track, and glucose-tracking capability – to name a few features. Taking a hands-on approach to helping all purchasers of the product maximize their use of it, Paul and Meredith invite new users to teleconferences where they get instruction on how to use the software’s many capabilities.

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