The NutriBase Advisory Board
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Peter Leypold, Corporate Executive Chef, Carnival Cruise Lines. Mr. Leypold's career as a chef began in 1966. His experience includes restaurants and hotels across Europe and a host of cruise lines: Norwegian American, Royal Viking, Premier, Regency, Costa, and others. Since 1998, he has overseen the vast Carnival Cruise Line food operation. Mr. Leypold's organization sets the specifications for purchasing; they create recipes and menus; and - most importantly - they manage Carnival's extensive ongoing training programs for over 3,000 chefs with the goal to consistently deliver a very high quality product across the entire 23 ship fleet. Under Mr. Leypold's direction, the Carnival Cruise Line serves up over 100 million meals each and every year. Mr. Leypold uses NutriBase to analyze the Spa Carnival Cuisine line of meals for nutrition conscious guests. Mr. Leypold suggested we add the ability to include a photograph to NutriBase Recipe reports. He pointed out that standard recipe reports are adequate for getting the taste right, but to get the presentation consistent across a large number of locations, you must include a photograph. This is now a standard NutriBase report and Mr. Leypold continues to assist us with his ideas for enhancements as we continue to improve NutriBase software for all our users.
Barbara Cady, BA, MS, Social Psychology, member of the TOPS Board of Directors since 1990 and an active TOPS Club, Inc. member since 1967. Founded in 1948, TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) is the world's most experienced - and quite possibly the most successful - weight-loss organization. With over 230 thousand members worldwide, TOPS is a leader in the field of sensible weight loss. The TOPS Center for Obesity and Metabolic Research was dedicated by the Medical College of Wisconsin in recognition of the millions of dollars that TOPS has donated for medical research into the causes and cures for obesity. Ms. Cady has reared three sons and has applied her leadership to a variety of roles within TOPS, including the TOPS Website Committee, as a TOPS Retreat Director, as a Regional Director, and as a member of the NutriBase Advisory Board. TOPS counsels that weight control is a long-term commitment and that weathering the hard times is often the biggest challenge members face. TOPS has been nonprofit since 1948 and is dedicated to helping its members get the support they need to continue to stay as healthy as possible. Visit for more information.
Dr. Robert Hockey, professor - Department Chair, Physical Education Department, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Hockey was selected as one of the top ten Healthy Fitness Leaders of America in 1998 by the National Fitness Leaders Association of America, sponsored by the American Council on Exercise and the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Hockey teaches Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, and Concepts of Lifetime Fitness and has published the venerable college textbook, Physical Fitness: The Pathway to Healthful Living (WCB McGraw-Hill Co. 8th Edition 1996). Dr. Hockey has been using the NutriBase 50-node Network Edition into his class work at Trinity University since 1997. His feedback and suggestions have resulted in major changes in the functionality and content of the entire line of NutriBase products.
Maria Biasucci-Vianna MS, Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics from New York University (after completing the AP4 program at Mount Sinai Medical Center). Maria is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist. She began her career by facilitating the outpatient nutrition department at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. She's lectured for the National Kidney Cancer Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and Cancer Care. You can see Maria's Webcast "All You Want to Know About Nutrition" at Maria has authored articles for "Men's Fitness Magazine" and has been featured on New York's WBAI Lifestyles radio show. Maria has worked as Quality Assurance Director and as a Chief Clinical Dietitian. Ms. Vianna currently runs a private practice where she counsels clients and serves on the NutriBase Advisory Board.
Dave Barry, Mr. America 1990, Mr. USA 1999. Dave has hosted his own cable TV show "Dave Barry's New Age Fitness" and made appearances on ESPN, PASS, WJBK-TV 2, WKBD-TV 50, WXYZ-TV 7, and WJR Sports and received a nomination for the prestigious National Cable Ace Award. In addition to his speaking appearances, Dave has developed "Get Fit" - a fitness program designed to help prevent adolescent obesity in schools. Dave also develops wellness and motivational programs for businesses. Dave's personal accomplishments, combined with 20 years of teaching experience and certification from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise places him among the elite of fitness experts. Because Dave is as serious about nutrition as he is about fitness, he's been a serious user of NutriBase professional editions since 2000. Dave is helping CyberSoft pinpoint areas that will undergo enhancements, refinements, and even major rewrites in upcoming revisions. You can contact Dave via email.
Patricia J. Parker BS, DTR. Pat has ten years clinical experience in the health care field and worked for one of the top weight loss companies in the USA. She earned her BS from Florida International University. Pat is an experienced Registered Dietetic Counselor with the American Dietetic Association. She's been a NutriBase-Certified provider of recipes, meals, meal plans, and meal plan collections since 1998. Pat is currently providing consulting services for health care institutions and offering weight-loss and nutritional services. As a NutriBase Clinical SE user, Pat's suggestions and feedback have led to key improvements in the reporting capabilities of the NutriBase product line.
Paul McGlothin, CEO of Arts For Business and AFB-Health, a Calorie Restriction Society member since 1998, and an enthusiastic participant in the "Long-Term Effects of Calorie Restriction in Humans" (LTECRH) pilot study. Mr. McGlothin is an advocate of calorie restriction (CR) with diet tracking and exercise to improve performance, optimize nutrition, increase health, and live longer. Paul, who has performed in both Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, founded one of America's fastest growing advertising agencies. Paul learned that careful diet planning was essential to his optimal performance and well-being. One of Paul's duties for his cohort of the LTECRH pilot study was to research, evaluate, and recommend the best nutrition and fitness program for use in this important effort. After careful evaluation of over 70 products, NutriBase emerged as the best product for the job. Paul continues to contribute to the NutriBase development work by sharing his unique perspectives with the NutriBase design staff.
Meredith Averill, MS, Ohio State University; MSLS, Case Western Reserve University. Ms. Averill has enjoyed a lifelong career as a librarian with emphasis on health information. She currently co-chairs the Metropolitan NY Library Council's Consumer Health Information Special Interest Group. Meredith and her husband Paul have been involved with the Calorie Restriction Society since 1998. She's a participant in - and the Communications Coordinator for one cohort of - the "Long-Term Effects of Calorie Restriction in Humans" pilot study, based at Washington University. Impressed by animal studies that indicated significantly improved health (lower blood pressure and cholesterol, lower incidence of cancer and heart disease, and greatly increased life span), Ms. Averill has made it her life goal to participate in the study that will ultimately determine whether all these positive effects also apply to humans. Many of us will not be living when the results are in.
Paula Owens, MS, Holistic Nutrition. Paula is a nutritionist and certified training specialist with expertise in each of the following areas: certified personal training expert, certified CHEK Practitioner, Poliquin strength coach, certified flexibility specialist, certified post rehab specialist, certified medical exercise specialist, certified ACE personal trainer (elite level), certified Poliquin Olympic coach (level III intern), certified golf performance specialist, certified performance NASM enhancement specialist, and certified yoga instructor. Paula is also a fitness model and ski conditioning expert who has written fitness and health-related articles for a variety of magazines and web sites. Paula uses NutriBase in her Phoenix Ahwatukee-based practice and provides CyberSoft with her insights and suggestions regarding her specialized areas of expertise. Email Paula at Paula Owens or visit for more information.
Kyle Shadix, CCC, MS, RD, is a certified Chef de Cuisine and culinary nutritionist, Academic Department Director for Culinary and Pastry Arts at the Art Institute of New York City (AiNYC). Kyle Shadix received his MS in clinical nutrition from New York University and completed his dietetic internship at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Kyle graduated from the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, NY. Kyle works as a chef consultant for The Food Group in New York City, consults on numerous cookbook projects, and is a monthly columnist for Today's Dietitian Magazine. Kyle is very involved with the Greater New York Dietetic Association, ADA, and is the founder of the ADA networking group N.O.M.I.N. - the National Organization of Men in Nutrition. A NutriBase user since 1999, Chef Kyle regularly sends us his ideas for the improvement and evolution of NutriBase Clinical. Learn more about Chef Kyle at
Linda Fleming, CNS, MS in Medical Biology and her MS in Human Nutrition. Linda has 10 years experience working in clinical and hospital laboratories and she's been teaching human biology, cell biology, and nutrition at the college level for 19 years. Linda also owns and operates her private practice - Health through Nutrition - where she works to help her clients make lifestyle choices that help prevent conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. She counsels her clients that their eating and exercising choices are two important factors that they can - and should - control... she sees prevention as the far more sensible alternative to trying to manage these conditions with drugs after they've become life-threatening. Linda lectures and makes television appearances on the topics of nutritional approaches to stress and disease. And, of course, she uses NutriBase to help her with nutrient analysis and meal planning. Visit Linda at
Art Olsen, Retired accountant, Vietnam veteran, and food addict. Art Olsen weighed 600.6 pounds when he purchased NutriBase in 1999. Since that time, his weight has fluctuated between the high of 600.6 pounds and a low of 216.0 pounds. Mr. Olsen is an expert on weight-loss... he's also an expert on weight-gain. "I've participated in or read about a large number of different types of diets. I've succeeded in failing with virtually all of them." Because of his fondness for numbers, accuracy, and meticulous tracking... Art was a good candidate for nutrition and fitness tracking software. After evaluating the nutrition software products on the market, Art selected NutriBase. He called this selection process a "no-brainer." Art's high proficiency with software and his personal experiences in both weight-gain and weight-loss qualified him to provide us with feedback, comments, and insights that have had a positive impact on the development of NutriBase.
Karen Francis, RD, CD-N (Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist). Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition at the University of Connecticut. Karen Francis has been a practicing RD since 1979. Karen worked for 15 years in the Nabisco Test Kitchens and Consumer Research Center on the development of consumer products and served as nutritional spokesperson for key Nabisco products. Karen also worked for 6 years at Pfizer/Warner-Lambert's R&D organization as Director of Consumer Insights and Sensory Guidance. Karen's expertise is in weight management, general nutrition and wellness, women's health, diabetic meal plans, heart-smart eating, and Celiac Sprue management. Karen has consulted with CyberSoft in improvements in several key areas of NutriBase, including the validation of food exchanges. Karen uses NutriBase in her private practice - Right Choices Nutrition, LLC.
Joe Beasley CPT, Wellness Consultant, Speaker, Publisher, and Author. As a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist since 1990, Joe has trained hundreds of individuals with personalized exercise and nutrition plans. For over 30 years, Joe has specialized in the development of community-based wellness, corporate fitness programs, and physician referral programs. He founded Peak Athletic, a health development services and management firm that teaches individuals and businesses how to achieve long term results through information, education, and personalized nutrition and fitness programs. Peak Athletic maintains collaborative relationships with a wide variety of industry experts and key alliance partners. In conjunction with Genesee Fitness Centers and the Institute of Eating Management, Peak Athletic has served as an incubator for a broad range of new market and product development initiatives for the Fitness and Nutrition Industry since 1998. NutriBase is his choice for nutrition and fitness software.
Ruth Ann, BS, RDH, and John Copin, BSPT, MPH both graduated from Loma Linda University. Ruth Ann operates a Natural Foods Buying Club and runs a business with her husband, Better Health Choices. John is co-owner of a long term rehabilitation center that specializes in head trauma and spinal cord injuries. Both Ruth Ann and John adhere to a predominately vegan diet and have a keen interest in vegetarian nutrition. They share this passion with others by conducting healthful cooking and nutrition classes through Better Health Choices. Ruth Ann enjoys developing vegan recipes and optimizing their nutrition by performing an in-depth nutrient analysis of those recipes. Ruth Ann is currently working on a vegan cookbook using recipes that are successful in their classes. She uses NutriBase for recipe creation, recipe optimization, recipe analysis, and to produce finished word processor files for her upcoming cookbook.
Leslie A. Thomas, Ph.D., a behavioral change management expert, combines her knowledge of behavioral-change strategies and nutritional psychology to help clients end food cravings, mood swings, fatigue, and challenges with weight management. A strong proponent of the importance of the mind-body connection, Dr. Thomas educates clients about how specific food choices can impact mood, energy levels, behavior, and mental acuity and likewise how energy levels and moods can impact eating behavior. Through education and practical tools and techniques, Dr. Thomas helps clients make lasting dietary and lifestyle changes so they can enjoy life more fully. Dr. Thomas earned her MS and Ph.D. in Psychology from Virginia Tech. Her research interests include nutrient therapy to rebalance one’s body chemistry to end food cravings and overeating as well as enhancing the effectiveness of technology-enabled dietary interventions.
Robyn Freeman BSCS, VP, and Director of Technology for CyberSoft, Inc. Robyn joined CyberSoft in 1986, the year that CyberSoft opened its doors. Within six months, she moved from part-time student worker to Director of Technology. Robyn's early work involved designing high-speed electronic cross-reference databases (in five languages) for companies like Motorola, Texas Instruments, Western Digital, and Bell Laboratories (now Lucent Technologies). She designed and developed the first DOS versions of NutriBase. Windows versions followed and since then, Robyn has been central to the design of virtually every software feature you see in NutriBase today. A look at our update history reveals the fastest product development schedule in our business.
Ed Prestwood BS, MA, Founder and CEO, CyberSoft, Inc. Ed is the former director of Technical Public Relations for the Motorola Semiconductor Product Sector. He founded CyberSoft in 1986 and has published several books, seven of which pertain to the nutritional contents of foods. The "NutriBase Series" of books are the top-selling books on the market for this genre. Ed managed the development of NutriBase for DOS, released in 1993. NutriBase has since evolved to become the most powerful and comprehensive software for nutrition and fitness professionals today. Ed has forged relationships with many RD's and other industry experts who test and evaluate each new revision of NutriBase software prior to release. He's the webmaster for the NutriBase sites and currently oversees NutriBase product development and support activities. Ed lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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