The Versions of NutriBase
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The NutriBase Professional Edition is a single-user professional edition that provides a broad range of capabilities for nutrition professionals - dietitians, nutritionists, health clubs, trainers, doctors, etc. The NutriBase Professional Edition is designed to help nutrition professionals do their work faster, better, more accurately, and more economically... it also helps improve your professional image as you improve your bottom line. NutriBase Professional can track an unlimited number of clients, organize recipes into Meal Plans, display and report on over 180 nutrient factors (including amino acid and fatty acid profiles), provide a wide range of PDF handouts for clients, provides royalty-free software for clients to use to track their own food logs (which they can email to you), and support a web-base questionnaire ("SE" option).

NutriBase Network Editions
The NutriBase Network Editions are a version of NutriBase that runs on your server and allows users in your organization access the software through your server's workstations. The Network Editions are functionally equivalent to the Professional Edition, but is designed to be network aware so that multiple users can use the software without unnecessary risk of data loss. The NutriBase Network Editions are available in 5-Node and 50-Node Editions. The 5-node Network Edition supports up to five simultaneous users; the 50-node Network Edition supports up to 50 simultaneous users. Network Editions also support a web-base questionnaire ("SE" option).

NutriBase Chef Edition
The NutriBase Chef Edition is a subset of the Professional Edition. It does everything in the Recipe Tab of the Pro versions. This edition is designed to help food professionals create recipes, perform recipe makeovers, scale them to feed any number of people, cost them so they know how much each recipe costs per serving, generate a U.S. Nutrition Facts Labels or Canadian Nutrition Facts Tables for a recipe in English and/or French, and create a cookbook for associates or from publication. Recipe reports can include Nutrition Facts Labels and pictures of the recipes as prepared. This allows restaurants, cruise lines, and other large organizations to not only show their chefs how to make the foods, but what they should look like when served... and this encourages uniformity of product across your chain. And if you like, you can create a web page for any recipe with a single click.

NutriBase Personal Editions
The Personal editions of NutriBase are designed to help users reach their desired body weight (or body fat content), help diabetics control their blood glucose levels, create recipes, perform recipe makeovers, track exercise regimens, compare nutrient intake to what it should be (based on user's DRI's for their age and gender), organize recipes and foods into meals or into a four-week meal plan, create shopping lists, and view the nutrient values for a wide variety of foods. NutriBase (Personal Plus Edition and higher) will tell you the NBFTE based on what you've eaten so far today relative to your nutrient goals.

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