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NutriBase Personal Plus Edition
The Personal Plus Edition of NutriBase is designed to help individuals and families reach their desired body weight (or body fat content), help people with diabetes control their blood glucose levels, create Recipes, perform Recipe makeovers, track exercise regimens, compare nutrient intake to what it should be (based on user's DRI's for their age and gender), organize Recipes and foods into Meals or into a four-week Meal Plan, create shopping lists, and view the nutrient values for a wide variety of foods. NutriBase (Personal Plus Edition and higher) will tell you the NBFTE based on what you've eaten so far today relative to your nutrient goals. The Personal Plus helps a person with diabetes by storing your medication type, brand, and dosage for you Meals. This allows you to check your BG level after the meal and adjust your medication parameters for the next time you eat this meal. Over time, you will "dial in" your medications for any given Meal. You will also develop a library of Meals with Meds that you can eat without too much fanfare because you know what kind and how much medication to take with any given Meal. The NB16 Plus Edition also provides you access to the nutrient data for over a half million food items.

NutriBase Cloud Edition
The NutriBase Cloud Edition is a single-user professional edition that provides a broad range of capabilities for nutrition professionals - dietitians, nutritionists, health clubs, trainers, doctors, etc. The Cloud Edition incorporates the features of its predecessor - the NutriBase Professional Edition. The Cloud Edition is designed to empower dietitians and other nutrition healthcare professionals handle far more clients and do their work faster, better, more accurately, and more economically. It also helps improve your professional image as you improve your bottom line. The NutriBase Cloud Edition can track provides you access to the nutrient data for over 500,000 food items. It supports an unlimited number of smartphone apps that connect you to your clients. This edition of NutriBase empowers you to compete with large companies for large numbers of clients. You can do this with a very small capital investment. You can manage hundreds of clients rather than dozens. You can stop trading time for money. You can add coaches and scale your business and your capabilities upwards without worrying about any of the technical issues (We do that for you). You - or your group - can manage the clients for an entire health club, spa, bariatric center, chiropractic office, medical practice, or hospital. Leverage your experience and scale upwards to reach into the world of corporate wellness. Offer a more cost-effective nutrition healthcare plan than your large enterprise competitors can. Help an HMO significantly reduce their healthcare costs. Use the ROI numbers from your experience to woo insurance companies to allow you to help them reduce their healthcare plans. With the NutriBase Cloud Edition, you can grow into serving millions.

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